January 22, 2012

Mixing and Matching

I tried to mix and match some of these items from  my own onlineshop NASLOUNGE. Just like celebrities paparazzi photo shots. Good for a walk out, getting along with friends and just those cranky things to do ^_^ Hope this one is a good choice :)

<3 Nas

January 10, 2012

Shopping for needs!! ^_^

Paris Hilton.. What's on e bag? is a Bag ;) This is for those who loves beautiful and good quality bags. Although expensive, your money is worth it ;)

Mac Red Authentic, I brought it for 1K pesos only at Trinoma. Wearing this red lipsticks makes me feel hot, and very chic look. The effect is long lasting and very good quality. ;)

Paris Hitlon Authentic Perfume , I think i got it for 4-5K .. It's really fragrant and long lasting =) LAdies! this is a must have. ;)

January 04, 2012

Got the Ballers On

 Items available @ http://www.facebook.com/NASLOUNGE.

Baller bands are cool to add up into your fashion sense. Here's one I've got to share which you may find interesting guys and gals. After the New Year's food tripping, we may wanna have a little inspiration to cut off those weights we have added up. ;)

January 03, 2012

Inspired Dress Look

Inspired by: Lace gaga Tunic Dress
Inspired by: Brooklyn Decker in her black lace shift dress by Juicy Couture.

Gothic Look

Photo credits to : Mackie M. Photography

Here's a style  I can share for those who are upto to Gothic Fashion Style. Hope You like it. Items are for sale and are available at www.facebook.com/NASLOUNGE.

Tribute to Lady Gaga


I'm trying to experiment my make up kits. With the help of this blonde wig and In2it Black Waterproof Eyeliner, Gray Careline Glamour Eyes, Careline Eyeshadow , Maybelline Lipstick. wollahh!! new me! in a glamorous and a little weird look! ^_^

Summer Street Walk

Artwork Clothing Top, Redhead bottom pants

MNG Basic Green Top, Leggings, Giordano Plasteramics Watch, Flojos Slippers

Deathwish Wayfarer

For daily routine on the streets.